SKDC Urge Residents To Check Their Recycling

Do you know what you can and cannot place in your silver bin or clear bag at home?

Either way always check online at to help SKDC collect as much correct recycling as possible – that creates revenue with recycling firms that can be reinvested back into your collection services.

Food, crisp packets, polystyrene, crockery, nappies, wood, metal and hard plastics are among the most current incorrect items that are placed in recycling bins and bags.  Instead, they should be placed in black bins, pink bags or taken to local Household Waste Recycling Centres in Grantham or Bourne.

Equally footballs, basketballs, ring binders, cling film, videos, coat hangers, car batteries, washing up bowls, pillows and duvets should not be placed in your silver bin or clear bag.

The list of what you should not place in your silver bin or clear bag is not exhaustive so if you’re unsure if an item is recyclable, consult the website, contact SKDC at or check the recycling wheel previously distributed to households.

SKDC’s portfolio holder for Environment Cllr Nick Craft said:

“Please take the time to check what goes in your silver bin or clear bag – to ensure you do your bit to decrease what we send to residual waste sites and keep South Kesteven cleaner and greener.”