Our Section Heads & Key Volunteers

Section Heads & Key Volunteers

The Board of Directors are supported by a team of section heads who look after particular aspects of the organisation and/or teams of volunteers.  Without them the station would rapidly grind to a halt.

We also benefit from the services of a number of key volunteers. Many of these do not typically broadcast but help keep the station running and help us reach out into the community through community events. They are an essential part of our team and deserve recognition so are also listed here.

Gravity FM: Management Team

PositionName Email  
Broadcast Quality Manager
Paul Martin admin@gravityfm.netPaul Martin
Broadcasting Director
Andy McCall andymccall@gravityfm.net 

Gravity FM: General Volunteers

PositionName Email  
Roger Church Roger Church
Richard Hart Richard Hart
Brian Reynolds Brian Reynolds

Join Our Team

At Gravity FM we are fully committed to being as inclusive and involving people with all sorts of skills and backgrounds in community radio.  If you are interested in getting involved off-air we'd love to hear from you.  Email admin@gravityfm.net for more information.