Marketing your business or organisation is never easy but here at Gravity FM we can help you reach your target audience in Grantham, Newark, Bottesford and the surrounding areas.  With budgets tight, you need to make sure every penny you spend really counts.  Here at Gravity FM our expert team can help make you one of our advertising success stories.

Radio advertising is one of the most cost effective methods of marketing available.  We all know that an advertising break on TV is an opportunity to make a drink while adverts in newspapers and magazines are rarely actually read.  Radio advertising is inescapable and a regular message can help raise the profile of your business amongst your potential customers in the local area.Guildhall Arts Centre advertising with Gravity FM

Here at Gravity FM we enjoy our customers returning to us time and time again.  Some of our advertisers have been with us since the station first went on air  nearly five years ago.  Others have enjoyed so much advertising success from a short campaign that they return on a regular basis to keep their businesses in the public eye.   Find out more about our advertising success stories by reading some of our case studies on the right of the page.

Being a community station, part of our remit is to provide services to the local business community.  Gravity FM can tailor a marketing package to suit your business – helping you reach your target audience and ensuring you achieve advertising success.  From a simple on-air radio advertising campaign to a full package of advertising on and off-air, show sponsorship and special offers, our team can guide you through the entire process.

CostWith air-time starting at just £25 per week* the best way to get your company heard on Gravity FM is to get in touch with our team now.  Call our hotline now on 01476 500999, email or click here for our on-line form.

Some businesses choose to take their relationship with us even further by joining Gravity FM as Corporate Members.  By doing so they are not just promoting their business but showing their support to maintaining our service to all parts of the local community.  Our team here at Gravity FM are always keen to build our relationship with the organisations that support us through advertising and there are many other opportunities for us to work together.  Please remember that Gravity FM is a not-for-profit organisation so all the revenue raised from advertising helps to keep us on the air.

Avanti Windows of Grantham advertising on Gravity FM.Find out more about radio advertising and some of our advertising success stories using the links opposite.

* £25 per week is the starting price for a 30 second advert played 25 times with a spot price of £1.00.  If a suitable advert is not available additional one-off production costs will be payable and these vary depending upon customer requirements.  As always, our team are always happy to discuss and advise.