How We Help

What We Do

The Friends of Gravity FM is a separate organisation run by its own trustees on behalf of its own membership.  It is not directly a part of Gravity FM, the radio station, which is operated by Gravity FM CIC but it does support aspects of the station's work which fall within its own remit.

The Friends of Gravity FM was established in March 2012 to enable members of the local community to join and support the charitable work carried out by the station.  Members are engaged in regular discussions about the work of the station, particularly its work with volunteers, many of whom would be excluded from involvement if it were not for the ongoing support the Friends of Gravity FM provides to allow them to participate.  In exchange, this allows the members and trustees of The Friends of Gravity FM to identify ways in which they can support volunteering at the station.

It is also important to note that the Friends of Gravity FM have a wider remit than just supporting Gravity FM.  They can support volunteering within wider community media services within the local community providing these are without distinction of political, religious or other opinions.  As such, they are able to support the Gravity Youth Project in all its community activities including those where the young people involved volunteer at other events and for other organisations.  The Friends of Gravity FM also support community media activities in other groups including local schools, adult day care centres and wider community groups.

The Board of Directors of Gravity FM CIC are fully supportive of this work and routinely make equipment and facilities available to The Friends of Gravity FM free of charge to ensure they can carry this out.  They also try to ensure material produced through these projects is aired to as wider audience as possible both by including it in FM broadcasts but also by promoting it online through their website and social media channels.  The Friends of Gravity FM is also permitted to use the Gravity FM trademark under licence from Gravity FM CIC.

What We Fund

The Friends of Gravity FM can only fund activities that fall within its charitable objects.  These are activities that "promote active participation on a voluntary basis by people of all ages in their community and society as a whole for the public benefit".

We can fund:

  • Projects that enable access to community volunteering opportunities, particularly if they would otherwise be inaccessible to many volunteers.
  • Projects which promote volunteering and opportunities for active involvement on a voluntary basis.
  • Equipment, facilities and training to expand the capacity for volunteering opportunities offered.
  • Equipment, facilities and training to improve volunteering opportunities offered hence creating a more positive volunteering experience that encourages further active participation by volunteers.

We cannot fund:

  • Activities which do not provide a clear public benefit or those that are for private gain.
  • Activities that do not involve volunteers.

The Trustees prefer to support:

  • Projects and organisations that are directly related to community media.
  • Projects and organisations that are based in and will have a direct impact on the local community.
  • Projects and organisations that are committed to best practice in volunteering.
  • Projects and organisations that are socially inclusive involving all members of the community so far as practicable (we acknowledge that for some projects this is not possible but there must still be a clear public benefit).
  • Activities that can be linked directly into the work of Gravity FM.

Definition of Volunteering

The Friends of Gravity FM is committed to promoting best practice in volunteering.  We share the Volunteering England definition of volunteering below:

"Volunteering is described as an unpaid activity where someone gives their time to help an organisation or an individual who they are not related to."
Please note: The Trustees are aware that HM Government is currently introducing a number of new initiatives regarding "compulsory volunteering" for young people and "paid time off" for employees to volunteer.  Both of these initiatives are raising significant concerns within the volunteering sector as a whole appearing to conflict with the accepted definition of volunteering and the notion that volunteer "choose" to "freely" give their time for public benefit.  As a result the Trustees are currently consulting with a wide range of interested parties to for a view as to whether or not these activities will be supported.