Ice Cream Van Shooting

When James Allison was shot during a robbery of his ice cream van in December 2006 his life was saved by three young army cadets.

Army cadets Aaron Moore (13), Liam Dugan (14) and Daniel Sturrock (15)

Aaron Moore (13), Liam Dugan (14) and Daniel Sturrock (15), (c) Deadline News

On 4th December 2006, James Allison was serving customers from his ice cream van in Penicuik, Scotland when he was attacked by an armed robber.  Hearing two loud gunshots, Aaron Moore (13-years-old), Liam Dugan (14-years-old) and Daniel Sturrock (15-years-old) responded immediately.

The three boys had been on their way to training with the Army Cadet Force and found themselves using their skills for real.  Mr Allison had been shot in the abdomen and was bleeding profusely.  Despite the risk from the gunman the boys took control of the situation providing first aid and summoning help.

Daniel Sturrock told the BBC: "Aaron found a towel in the van and pressed it against his wound while I reassured him.  He was saying 'I've been shot' and he was moaning and groaning and I told him he was going to be ok.  We changed his patch and I had a lot of adrenaline, it was all a bit of a blur."

Richard Waller, chief executive of the Order of St John in Scotland, told the BBC that the "immediate and effective response" helped to save Mr Allison's life.

He said: "The boys put their own lives at risk to save someone else's life because, when they intervened, the gunman was in the vicinity."

Colonel David McFadyen, commandant of the Edinburgh and Lothians Army Cadets Battalion, said: "We are extremely proud of the way our young cadets responded in a practical and professional manner putting their training and self confidence to immediate positive effect."

All three boys received the St John Life Saving Medal from the Order of St John, the Lothian and Borders Police Meritorious Award and a Royal Humane Society Certificate for their actions.

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We will remember them.

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