Andy McCall

  • Andy began broadcasting in the 1980s when he started with Lincoln Hospitals Radio before moving to Radio Witham, the hospital radio station in Grantham.
  • He somehow wangled his way onto BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s then youth programme Livewire which he presented and produced for 3 years. Andy also presented “Poachings” which is Radio Lincolnshire’s review of the week’s guests.
    He also worked as a Broadcast Assistant on a freelance basis both at Radio Lincolnshire which involved driving the desk for Outside Broadcasts, assisting with editing news audio and at Broadcasting House in London.

    Andy is one of the original members of Gravity FM, appearing on the very first RSL licence back in 1997. Today, Andy does more work behind the scenes than he does in front of the microphone as a director of Gravity FM CIC.