Betty Elmer

Betty Elmer


Betty Elmer is a regular fixture contributing to Here & Now during weekday afternoons and producing her own pre-recorded content for the station.

Betty Elmer has been volunteering with the team at Gravity FM for longer than she will allow us to tell you.  Forever popular, she is without doubt one of the most respected community broadcasters at the station and well-known throughout Grantham and the surrounding villages.

Gravity Startdust Puppet ShowBetty's favourite contribution to our broadcasting is her storytelling.  Over the years she has produced many great features including the feature length telling of Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol and many shorter stories including the Russian classic Babushka.  Both these tales were first broadcast as Christmas specials and are now available on our YouTube Channel.  More recently, Betty Elmer has teamed up with Ian Selby to take The Gravity Stardust Puppet Show out and about delighting children with exciting stories.

Betty is also a regular contributor to weekday broadcasting and was heavily involved in the Gravity Heritage Project.  She is not a lady to let things get in her way and continues to be involved with numerous other organisations in the Grantham area as well.  In fact, she is so well known her biography is included in the Grantham Matters Hall of Fame.

Betty Elmer Garden PlaqueIn the summer of 2012 a team of younger volunteers took on the challenge of rescuing the back garden at Gravity Towers.  Having given up most of their summer holiday to remove broken concrete, clear overgrown shrubs and re-lay a garden for all the station's volunteers, they decided to name it The Betty Elmer Garden in honour of Betty Elmer.