Steve Parker


Steve Parker presents the specialist 60's and 70's show on Gravity FM.

Steve Parker

Born in Grantham at what was Hillview Hospital.

Although born in the 60s, music came when the 70s came. It wasnt till i was about 12 that music really hit me, it wasnt really main stream stuff but Tamla Motown and Northern Soul. Still, being brought up at that time meant that the music of the time would stick with me.

I joined Gravity in 2009 & it wasn’t long before the management gave me an opportunity to present the 60s show. I added the 70s hour after another presenter changed his programming. Today, my 2 hour show comprises of an hour of 60s anthem and an hour of 70’s music, within both hours I like to do the top 5 from ‘this week’ of a certain year. Although requests are welcome.

I also like to play forgotton or obscure tracks, (along with the classics), including original versions of more popular tracks. I must admit, I have a particular soft spot for 70s soul music and often self indulge in playing a few of my own favourite tracks.