Scheduled Maintenance

At Gravity FM we always try to provide high quality broadcasting to Grantham and the surrounding villages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  As part of our community committment, we will also often undertake outside broadcasts around the local area.  Lincolnshire is a largely rural county and we can sometimes experience difficulties in maintaining a high quality link during these periods and so you may experience some interference with our transmission.

We are sure you will appreciate that on occasions it is necessary for us to undertake engineering work to maintain and develop our facilities.  Most of this work is undertaken without any effect on our FM broadcast or online stream.  Where we know in advance that it is necessary to change this output, we will normally schedule the works to take place overnight and put alternatives in place to maintain our service.  Despite this, sometimes it is not possible and broadcast quality may be affected during normal hours.  We will always try to keep this to a minimum and have included a schedule of planned works below to keep you informed.


Scheduled Engineering Works & Trials:

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