Test It Tuesday

Test It Tuesday

We all know smoke alarms save lives but are yours working? When did you last test them?

Here at Gravity FM we're joining Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Service's campaign "Test it Tuesday" to help remind everyone to test their alarms every week. We'll be playing new jingles every Tuesday to remind you to test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Don't delay - test it today!

Smoke Alarms

How many should I have?
The more you have the safer you'll be. At a minimum you should have one on each floor, these are generally fitted on the hall and landing ceilings. But if you have only one smoke alarm and two floors, put it where you can hear it when you're asleep - in the ceiling at the top of the stairs leading to the bedrooms.

Where should I fit them?
The best place is on the ceiling, near or at the middle of the room or hall. The alarm should be at least 30 cm (one foot) away from a wall or light.

How do I install them?
Installing a smoke alarm is easy to do and only takes a few minutes - just follow the manufacturer's instructions.

If it's difficult for you to fit a smoke alarm ask a family member or friend to help you or contact your local Fire & Rescue Service for help - most will happily arrange to come and fit it for you. Don't be tempted to have a go yourself if you feel unsteady or unsure - you could fall and injure yourself.

How do I look after my smoke alarms?
Once a week test each alarm by pressing the test button till the alarm sounds.

Once a year change the battery (unless it's a ten-year alarm).

Twice a year open the case and gently vacuum the inside using the soft-brush attachment to remove dust from the sensors. If it doesn't open, vacuum through the holes.

After 10 years it's best to get a whole new alarm.

Know Your Escape Routes

We all hope you will never need to escape from a fire at home but do you know your exit routes?

Take time now to plan your escape in the event of a fire. How would you get out? How would you call 999? What other options have you got?

Want More Information?

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