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Pestforce UK Ltd
Pestforce UK Ltd

Pestforce UK Ltd offer complete pest control solutions across the UK.  Based in Lincolnshire, you can be assured of a prompt response and effective solution for your pest control problems.
With their pest control service, Pestforce offer protection against pests including rats, mice, bed bugs, wasps and fleas and pest bird deterrent systems, these pest control services can be treated as an individual pest control treatment or be part of an annual pest control contract giving you protection against pests 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Our business is about making your business a safer, cleaner and pest free place to work.  Call us now on 020 8166 4416 for your free no obligation quote.
Pestforce UK Ltd also offer bird nets and bird trapping system to their customers with a fast response, a free no obligation quote and professional advice in how do deal with pest birds such as the Feral Pigeon, Starling and Herring Gull.  These pest birds are transmitters of bird diseases to man such as ornithosis with pigeon droppings responsible for a significant number of health and safety slip hazard claims.  Call us now on 020 8166 4416 for your free no obligation quote.

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